Precision Riding

Schooling With Empathy and Excellence

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Hours of Content

Enjoy hours of masterfully produced video lessons full of new Insights that just work better. Precision Riding already has over 100 video lessons inside the course, with many more on the way!

Accelerated Learning

We slow things down and add graphics, animation, to help accelerate your learning curve.

Support and Community

Upload your videos for Chris and Master Certified Trainers to review and receive feedback and tips for what you're working on. Connect with other like minded equestrians.

Nobody understands and explains the horse-human

relationship better than Chris Irwin.

Horse & Rider Magazine - USA.

What You'll Learn:

- Strategies to help your horse relax in stressful environments

- The best process for suppling & warming up under saddle

- How to facilitate throughness and swing in your horse

- Enhanced awareness for softer contact

- Imrpove your feel for timing

- Redefining & enlightening half-halts

- Perfecting soft halts

- Refining transitions

- How everything with horses becomes a release

- Redefining the best process for straightness

- Elevating horses who are heavy on forehand or behind the bit

- Holding the sweet spot of self-collection

- Lightness and rhythm at the canter

- The best process for simple and flying lead changes

- Improved diagnostics for how riders cause resistance in horses

- And MORE!