Here is what just SOME of our members are saying about Mind Your Horse courses!

Sofie Deburchgrave: Belgium

"I really LOVE the course!"

Amy Gaddis: USA

"I’ve have had this horse for 2 years and he's never followed me around like this. Thank you so much for helping me to connect in this way!"

Catherin Calderone: USA

"I Just went out to the barn and tried it with one of my horses with great success! So excited!!! See this is EXACTLY why I love this system so much! There is so much nuance and subtlety, and always something else to try in a creative dance, rather than just stubbornly doing the same thing over and over in a kind of dominance/submission battle until the horse finally gives in. I LOVE this!!!
With this one issue I feel I've already gotten my money's worth from this course. Apologies for all the gushing but I'm just so thrilled right now! Thank you!!!"

Lauren Marlborough: Canada

"During the day I work for an equine supplement company and in the evenings I am an equine bodyworker. I truly believe with the help of my coach and this course, that I can have a better appreciation and understanding of the horses' mind and body, not only for my mare but for the clients I treat."

Jill B Strain: USA

“If not for Chris, I'm not sure where Tuvia and I would be. Tuvia lacked ground manners and I lacked the knowledge to help him. We are truly blessed that Chris and our lives crossed."

Floortje Nelissen: Netherlands

"Such a kind and loving way to handle horses. My horse Delta bowed for the first time ever! First 1x, later a few times in a row. This happened during lunging. I really had to share this!"

Cynthia Pedersen: USA

"I had graduated from an equestrian school and had trained lower level Dressage and Combined Training horses in my younger years. Chris has filled in many gaps in my understanding.
If not for Chris, I would have been very unsure of my ability to properly handle this horse, as he is both fearful and challenging while also being hyper-vigilant.

I have had to unlearn a whole lot of ingrained habits and training methods, but the results are astounding to me. I am actually able to make the horses feel good and to understand what they are thinking, so much better, thanks to Chris."

Ankie Heineken: Netherlands

…more fitting my feelings and far more polite to horses to me.

Roos van der Weert: Netherlands

"The best horsemanship training in the world! I’ve been riding horses since I was little and did so many disciplines, dressage, jumping, cross country, hunting, driving, western pleasure, reining, trail and hunter equitation. Mostly with young and/or difficult horses. I feel so blessed to have met Chris because it completely changed my attitude towards horses.

I have five horses now who all are doing great. But at this moment I’m the most proud of Bellona because she was always so stressed and scared of everything other than what she knew. So she has come a long way and I am now able to jump with her at other locations and she acts like a pro."

Linda van der Voorn: Netherlands

"I am an Equine Osteopath and have my own practice, so I work with horses every day. I have already learned a lot from Chris and benefit a lot in my daily life and practice. But always eager to learn more!"

Henny Jansen: Canada

"Chance was a rescue with an unknown history, and his trust in humans was pretty much non-existent. When I first met him, you could halter him, lead him and groom him, but that was about it. He was extremely shut-down, and would explode if too much was asked of him. You could not touch his feet or put a saddle/bridle/blanket on him. I started working with him using the principles I had learned from Chris, and he progressed quickly. Today he is much more confident. less anxious and will tolerate pretty much everything."

Kendy Dansby: USA

“So I've been pouring through these awesome theory lessons over and over and am loving this! So cool to listen to them on my phone while out and about running errands and such. I actually went to see Memphis yesterday and practiced the "How to Catch (Not Capture) a Horse" and she was so responsive. It works! She actually took a snoozer and yawned six or seven times. It was so inspiring."

Jan Woelffer: USA

"I have subscribed to Mind Your Horse. The instruction from Chris is excellent. I recommend Mind Your Horse. I like how the horse is not stressed and stays relaxed."